Becoming a True Traceur

By parkour91 • Uncategorized • 14 Jul 2013

Question and Answer from Adam Dunlap.


I think a person (myself for example) would evolve more, both mentally and movement wise if they did not “stay true” to the original method. I think the “Parkour way of thought” can be used to much more than just movement, efficiency, strength etc. What do you think?

It all depends on what you want. There is no “more” or “less,” there is only preference.

Two characteristics of Parkour are simplicity and strength (strength in the broader context and concept). To this day no one since David has even done many of the jumps David did. So when you say, “I think a person would evolve more both mentally and movement wise…” my response is, “People still haven’t reached David’s level mentally or movement wise! There is still work to do and evolution to be made.” It’s like reading half a book and saying, “I think I would learn more if I read another book.” But how do you know? You haven’t finished the book in front of you.

That being said, moving away from Parkour PURE and into the Parkour FUN approach does allow a different type of mental and movement evolution from an individual perspective. This is quite clear, and if that is what you are talking about then I agree :-) There is more variety of movement and a different style which can be developed in the Parkour FUN mentality which is why I encourage people to go there if it interests them. It is quite clear today that there are many, many freerunners who are more capable in their tricking ability (I use that term loosely) than David ever was. But that’s not “more”, it’s just different. If you prefer that, great! Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that is Parkour (you don’t, some do), and don’t be mistaken into thinking there is inherently more room to evolve in that. I can assure you, you have all the room you need to evolve in Parkour PURE, and even if you train everyday for hours on end you most likely always will have more ways to grow.

Regarding the “Parkour way of thought,” yes, I do believe it can be used for much more that just movement, efficiency, and strength. That’s the idea in fact. But what you use it for specifically is not important. David has spoken of this before, and his idea is that Parkour is meant to open your mind to other things. I think the “Parkour way of thought” can be explained with ideas such as…

  • Think differently
  • Challenge the norm
  • Always ask questions
  • Take a different path
  • Believe in yourself
  • Find out what you’re capable of
  • Pursue your passions
  • Train hard
  • Search for true strength
  • Never give up

Those ideas can be applied to all aspects of life. This is why I said the philosophy of Parkour is ultimately to stop doing it. Because the idea behind Parkour is NOT to do precision jumps for your whole life. Parkour is there to show you a path and inspire you to take those lessons into your life where you can then apply them to other things.

So, yes, when you say the Parkour way of thought can be used for other things, my simple answer is, “Absolutely! That’s the point. Bravo, you understand.” Now go learn to cook, or write, or fix a car, and apply what Parkour has taught you. In doing that you become a true Traceur.

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