Outdoor Parkour Classes in Portland

By parkour91 • Announcements • 14 Jul 2013

After a 2.5 year absence from teaching, Adam Dunlap (founder of Revolution Parkour and student of David Belle) has returned to Portland and is teaching outdoor Parkour classes. Below is more information about the classes, pricing, and their ongoing schedule.

Parkour Classes

Class Name: Contemporary Parkour
Day & Time: Tuesdays and Thursday from 6pm-7pm
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Description: Traditional Parkour fused with the contemporary teaching methods. Students will learn through observation and action. Challenges and obstacles will be presented that force critical thinking and technically growth and progression. There is an emphasis on ‘learn by watching and doing’ rather than ‘learn by listing.’ Students are encouraged to come prepared to struggle with new movements and ask questions.

Class Name: Parkour Training
Day & Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:15pm-8:15pm
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Description: Parkour as a training method in its original form. Based on my learning and training with David Belle, this class will be physically intensive and based on parcous, repetition, and a fierce training mentality.


Week of July 15th: Keller Fountain
Week of July 22nd: Couch Park
Week of July 29th: Lovejoy Fountain
Week of August 5th: Keller Fountain
Week of August 12th: Couch Park
Week of August 19th: Keller Fountain
Week of August 26th: Couch Park
Saturday, August 31st: Parkour Beach Day Trip
Week of September 2nd: Keller Fountain (meeting at Keller)
Week of September 16th: Keller Fountain (meeting at Keller)
Week of September 16th: Keller Fountain (meeting at Keller)
Week of September 23rd: Couch Park
Saturday, September 28th: Parkour OSU Day Trip
Week of September 30th: TBA
Week of October 7th: TBA
Week of October 14th: TBA


Classes can be paid for online with a credit card or in person before classes with cash or check.

Class Drop-In: $15
Day Drop-In: $20 (all classes on a particular day. Come for the instruction and stay for the workout.)
10-Class Pack: $100 (4 month expiration)
Monthly Student Membership: $60 per month (unlimited classes from 30 days of purchase). Monthly students also have a direct line of communication outside of class to head instructor Adam Dunlap and can call him, write him, or ask questions at any time. Upon request, they will also receive free one-on-one coaching from Parkour 91 instructors at Revolution Parkour open gyms when PK91 instructors are there.


Parkour 91 instructor Adam Dunlap making a jump at Keller Fountain in downtown Portland.

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