Parkour 91 Class Waiver

By parkour91 • Announcements • 14 Jul 2013

All students planning to attend a Parkour 91 class must fill out a Parkour 91 liability waiver. If students are younger than 18, the legal parents or guardian must sign the waiver. For legal reasons, no exceptions to this can be made.

The Parkour 91 class waiver can be downloaded by clicking here.


Please be advised that Parkour is a dangerous physical activity and injuries are frequent. However, we do not believe that Parkour is intrinsically any more dangerous than any other discipline or sport including (for example) martial arts, football, cheer-leading, gymnastics and many other activities. Additionally, based on years of experience and teaching we have not observed the injury rate in Parkour exceed the injury rate in most other major sports. Safety is the most important concern for us in all our classes at Parkour 91, and we always make the safety of our students the #1 priority in classes. Nevertheless, due to the nature of Parkour which is embodied physically by running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, balancing, and the like, accidents do happen, and when they do injuries can be serious. This is why we take such care to carefully explain the risks to those interested in learning Parkour. Please read out waiver fully, and if you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to us through our contact page.

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